Out with the Sugar… OUT!!

Today’s Workout
2k Row
8 min rest
1k Row
4 min rest
500m Row
2 min rest
250m RowWell if you’re anything like me, you’ve discovered just how much sugar invades the food in your everyday life. I’ve found something new pretty much every day of the past week… finding little things in so many unassuming places: chicken stock, sausage, bacon, spice rubs (I got half way into my burger last night and realized that not looking at the container cost me a point), unsweetened ice tea, salad dressing, peanut butter, etc.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg… I don’t eat processed foods… the sugar there is simply out of control. In fact, at the rate we’re going, by 2606 the US diet will be 100% sugar… well, at least that’s what it extrapolates to if you look at the graph over the past 100 years (check out Stephan Guyenet’s Whole Health Source blog). In 1822 we were consuming 6.3 pounds/person/year of sugar, and in 2010, 107.7 – an 18 fold increase! Getting the sugar out of your diet can be one of the most important and empowering health decisions / commitments you make – ever! So I say, OUT with the sugar!

What foods have you found that surprised you that they contain sugar and that you’ve eliminated from your diet for the Whole Life Challenge?

WLC Pre-Lim-50
The Whole Life Challenge 2012 gest started!

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