Managing work and rest… Some people might call it pacing. How many reps can you do before the rest you have to take is so long, it prevents you from moving through the workout quickly? Are you more efficient if you do 2 reps and a very short rest followed by 2 more reps, or 8 reps and a longer rest followed by 8 reps, etc? This is something that as you get experience with CrossFit, you can answer for yourself, and as you do, it will have a big impact on your workout times.

By the way, if you’re traveling, and you’d like to see if there is a CrossFit affiliate in the area, check out this google map of all CrossFit affiliates in North America (thanks to our friends at Cleveland CrossFit for creating it!)

Ryan takes a needed break from “L” sits.

Today’s Workout

“Fran” on crack
21-18-15-12-9-6-3 rep rounds
Thrusters – 95 lbs
Pull Ups

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