Paleo for 30 Days?

Paleo for 30 Days?

Today’s Workout

– At the start of class, one person draws a card from the CFLA SmackDown deck.
– The chosen card corresponds to a workout – that is the class’ WOD.
– NO card is a “safe.”
– BEWARE of the dreaded “Double Downs!” So you’ve heard about Paleo… you may even have taken one of the Sweet Cheek’s Challenges – no sugar for a week or no grains for two (both elements of a Paleo diet). But full on Paleo… for a month? That’s right… the month of June is the Sweet Cheeks Paleo Challenge… and they’ve broken it down in some great steps for you so that it’s not completely overwhelming trying to eliminate dairy, grains, sugar, alcohol, and processed foods all at one time. Check out the Sweet Cheeks Blog and get ready for a real challenge for the month of June.

Tra – gettin’ the air at the top of the rope climb!



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