What Are You So Passionate About?

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I’m guest posting for Diz who is now on a hugely deserved vacation.  She asked very simply that I share this video of the extraordinary Misty Copeland.   What are you so passionate about that you ignore anyone who says you can’t?


Wednesday’s Workout

“Urban Course”

Adv: 3.4 Run (<6:00 mile)
Int: 2.7 Run (6-8 mile)
Beg: 1.6 Run (>8:00 mile)

3x at each station:
5 Jumping Lunges (2-ct)
10 Mountain Climbers (2-ct)
15 Flutter Kicks (2-ct)

And Coming Thursday

1k Row for time


10 Rounds on the 1:00
G2OH Ladder
**Men +10#, Women +5#**



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