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Today’s workout
For Time:
10, 9, 8…1 Squat Clean Thrusters (135/95)
1, 2, 3…10 Pull-up toes to barI’ve been a part of CrossFit for 6 years now and I’ve been involved with coaching for about 5. There have been countless incredibly gratifying experiences all along the way. Some of those were my own personal accomplishments, many of them involved watching other people achieve and even surpass their own milestones and expectations. One of the greatest has been to share this with someone and watch it change their life. Not simply watch them get into great shape, but watch them alter who they are and who they know themselves to be. This doesn’t always happen, but if you look around you, you’ll probably find that it happens more than you would have expected.

It’s an extraordinary thing to put yourself in a program like this. It is a challenge like no other. It can take you places that you may have stopped going years ago. It can give you things that you may have given up on getting. It can strip away useless garbage that you’ve been hauling around for years, physical and otherwise. There’s no question I’m excited about what I’ve accomplished, what I can do now, and who I’ve become.

The biggest gift I’ve gotten, however, is being able to give it away.

Share your experience of giving CrossFit to someone.




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