Peace & Good Will

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Friday’s Workout (NO CAP)
Clean and Jerk
150/125/100 Push ups for time.
Every time you break run 40m

Saturday – normal class schedule – 8am, 9am, 10am
Sunday – Open Gym – 8am – 11am
Monday – Open Gym – 9am – 12 noon
Tuesday (Christmas) – Closed
Wednesday – Open Gym – 5pm – 8pm
Thursday – Open Gym – 7am-10am
Friday – Open Gym – 5pm – 8pm
Saturday – Open Gym – 8am – 11am
Sunday – Open Gym – 8am – 11am
Monday – Open Gym – 9am – 12 noon
Tuesday (New Year’s Day) – CLOSED
Wednesday – Open Gym – 5pm – 8pmBoy am I feeling the hustle and bustle of Christmas… for me, even more so than in years past. I feel a bit like Luke Skywalker did in the infamous trash compactor scene from Star Wars Episode IV. I’m just waiting for that moment that R2D2 stops the walls from collapsing in on me! Alas, where is a little droid when you need one?

In spite of all that, in moments of stillness and clarity, I am reminded that this is a time of year for peace on earth and good will toward man. And I’m reminded that that begins with me. When I start to feel stress, rush, deadlines, and general despair, I am not “being the peace that I want to see in the world”. And if I’m not being it, the worst thing I can do is look outside of me and expect others to be it for me. So in these crazy, hectic times, I’ve been taking quick breaks, short moments here and there to help me slow down in which I do things like take 10 breaths, do some writing, hang out for a few minutes with friends, eat a small treat. Things that remind me to let myself off the hook… that I’m absolutely doing the best I can with the tools, information and resources I have. And that that is OK.

In those moments, I am peace… I am good will. Try it out for yourself. You might find, like I do, that it actually works. That when you start feeling better on the inside, things on the outside start looking and feeling better too. Maybe, just maybe, if we all do this together, we can start a trend that allows us, and all those around us to experience this holiday season filled with peace, love, grace, good will, and joy.

Lots of great stuff in store for 2013… see you on the other side!

Andy P.

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Don’t forget, CFLA’s Holiday Inversion Challenge started YESTERDAY. Click here for details.



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