Peeling Away Layers

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Today’s Workout

Strict Press
Wendler cycle 2, week 3
Three attempts:
Max set of unbroken wall balls
– choose a weight you can do at least 15 repsI’ve always called the powerlifting lifts, the squat, deadlift and press, the s-l-o-w lifts. In all the weightlifting training I’ve had up until yesterday, I’ve learned that form is critical, as is moving slowly through the lift. And while this isn’t exactly wrong, it doesn’t paint the whole picture.

In yesterday’s powerlifting workshop, we discussed and practiced adding speed to these lifts. While picking up and squatting heavy weight can be slow, in order to generate the force that is required to move heavy weight, you’ve got to practice power, which involves speed. In moving a sub-maximal load quickly, you get the chance to train your body to generate this force and develop the strength to do it. Do the s-l-o-w lifts, fast. Yup, you heard it right!

Big shout out to Mark Bell and Jesse Burdick for teaching a fantastic powerlifting seminar on Sunday. While we probably won’t be producing any 1,000 lb squatters this year, we will definitely be using their techniques to help our entire community get strong… REALLY strong!

W2-74 (Copy)
Zach en-route to 12+ rounds in the Games WOD 11.2



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