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Today’s Workout
For time:
10 deadlift (295/195)
100 anchored sit ups
30 pull ups
30 push ups
1000m row
30 push ups
30 pull ups
100 anchored sit ups
10 deadlift
It occurred to me this evening as I sat down to write, that I have not shared on this blog what I am up to in terms of my job here in Portland. If you follow me on Facebook you’ve no doubt seen copious links, but I haven’t truly shared with you in a way that honors what the CFLA community actually means to me.

As you know, it began with me being hired as a freelance writer for and then they moved me up here to be full-time staff. Well, a few weeks after my arrival, they promoted me to Managing Editor and I am now in charge of the website. It’s pretty awesome. Much of what I was striving for with my blog,, is now being fulfilled through my “day job” — it’s funny to see how “dreams” come true in wholly unexpected ways if you just create the space for it and don’t insist entirely on how things need to be.

And what do I actually do for my job? I write articles on things I’m interested in and passionate about, I do product testing (i.e. play with really cool stuff and write about it), I manage a writing staff and do everything I can to help them grow as writers, I direct graphic design, I work with the programmer on adding new features to the site, I interview awesome coaches and pick their brains about their lives and philosophies, I recruit guest writers, and I put together a garage gym here at the offices. Next on the docket is to create a wellness program for the couple dozen computer programmers here and get them started on doing body-weight workouts and laying off the Fruit Loops for lunch.

I’ll share some of my articles with you as time goes on – many of them were inspired by my experiences at CFLA and by all of you, who helped me become a better coach and better person. I miss you all and think of you daily.

You three better be behaving! wink



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