Pete Nash demonstrates 45# dumbbell Thrusters

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Ever heard someone say “no cheating” when it comes to lifting a weight? In the real world (especially in places like in the military and police department) there’s no such thing as cheating or NOT cheating – whoever is the fastest, strongest, most agile, most balanced, has the most stamina and endurance, can get up and over that fence the quickest, etc. is the person that survives. We believe that training should simulate real life – and that means using your body as efficiently as possible as one whole entity, not broken up into isolated parts. So, should you use your legs to help press a weight up over your head or swing when your doing a pull up? You’re crazy if you don’t (or you’re just a bodybuilder.)

10-8-6-4-4-4-4 rep sets of Overhead Squat.
Go for max load in each set.



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