Pick a Sport, Any Sport

Pick a Sport, Any Sport

If you could learn any sport, what would it be? Now…why haven’t you learned it yet? One of CrossFit’s recommendations for fitness is to “regularly learn and play new sports.” When is the last time you picked up a new sport? What’s stopping you? If you are consistently doing CrossFit, chances are you will pick up that new sport quicker than the average person and probably have more fun, too. I recently started taking fencing lessons. I was inspired to do so by a couple potential students who came by the gym. So, let’s hear what sport you secretly want to learn and maybe we can inspire each other.

Is this what happens if you misbehave at CFLA? In the corner….but not exactly facing the wall.

Today’s Workout

1 mile sprint for time

– rest –

Pull up ladder
(On minute 1 do 1 pull up, on minute 2 do 2 pullups, etc., until you can no longer complete the required work within the minute allotted.)



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