What Ever Happened to Plain Old Water?

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1-1-1-1-1There is no end to the number of “new age” beverages on the market today. Somehow it has gotten into our heads that additives like “green tea extract” and “ginko biloba” are going to improve on the benefits that we currently get from water. While this may be true, there is a surprising amount of junk in some of these seemingly harmless drinks. Energy drinks, sodas, beer, and shakes, too. Most of them seem like they couldn’t be THAT bad. Well, check out the “20 Worst Drinks in America 2010” and check some of them out. Now some of these won’t surprise you at all, but notice how many of these you might currently be enjoying that could be short circuiting your goals. Thirsty? Try a nice tall glass of plain old water.

Michael and Armen doing an “Indian row” in lieu of the “Indian run.”



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