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If you are in the BIZ network then you got this last week. This checklist is for you to use to make sure that nothing slips between the cracks. There is an expanded version and the video is in the BIZ discussion forum if you can’t open your emailed copy.

– Intros – confirm 24 hours in advance by phone AND email. If you have an intro on Monday, then confirm Friday AM.
– Intro Follow up #1 – send a follow up email (see our example in the attachment) 24 hours after doing an intro.
– Intro follow-up #2 & #3 – 7 days after the previous contact. Each message, alternating either voice message or email if unable to actually speak to the person, is a check-in call and enrollment, not sales. DO NOT offer incentives.

– New Client welcome postcards get sent the night they get signed up.
– New Client auto email should come from MBO.
– New Client personalized welcome call (either live or via voice message) is done after 10 days. Give them time to have at least 1-2 WODs in a group class. Be brief and available.

Are you doing this already? If so, great. If not, why not?

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