Playing with Sourdough

A little over a month ago I got my first sourdough starter from one of our students, Jonathan. This brought me so much joy as I’ve been talking about baking bread for a while now. I would ask friends if I could have some of their starter, but I guess I just never followed through.  Now my time has come. Thank you Jonathan!

As I had imagined its quite the process to bake bread.  It’s something I’m really enjoying as one of my favorite things to do is be home and cook.  The timing is the real tricky part. It’s usually a couple day process for me and sometimes it has lasted even longer because at the time I’m suppose to take the next step with the dough- I often end up not being home.

The above loaf is my best looking loaf to date. Now this loaf proofed in the back of my car for 1.5 hour while driving on the 405. The drive was something I was a little nervous about, but I think it helped. I think it allowed it to dry out a bit and not be as sticky as previous loaves. I also had a great oven to bake it in,  which had a digital temp reader. My oven at home is pretty darn old, and well, the knob no longer has numbers on it, but I do keep a thermometer inside and open the door as infrequently as I can to check current temp. Which I think affects the look of my loaf

You might be asking why bake bread? My first answer it’s delicious. My second answer is, If I’m going to eat bread it might as well be something that I know exactly what’s in it. This is simple, flour, water and salt. OH, and time, yes, lots of time.  As I’ve eaten the bread I haven’t experienced my usual stuffiness I feel when eating other bread- which is exciting. We will see what the future holds with my bread baking.

Thursday’s Workout

“1/2 Tabata This-ish”
4 Cycles FQR (20s:10s) at each element
Overhead squats (50%)
Kipping pullups
Box jumps (24/20)
–1min between elements–

3-3-3-3-3 (8/10 difficulty)

Friday’s Workout

1 Depth jump to broad jumps (20/12)
3 Handstand pushups

20 Russian plate twists (45/25)
5 Deadlifts (60%)

Front squat
12-12-12-12-(12) (By feel)

Front squat
20 (+2%)


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