Playtime Mini Cycle

First, be proud that you are part of a Crossfit gym that has flourished and set standards for ten years! We will celebrate together Friday night by dressing up and doing what with extraordinary gusto – have a great time together.  

Second, know that we don’t start cycle 7 until the second full week back in January.  Between now and then you have, “The Playtime Mini Cycle.” We will lift, rope climb, tire flip, try a few DB workouts and keep you fit going into and coming out of the holidays.  Check the vid for tips. As always have fun, train smart. 




Monday’s Workout

A) Rope climb skill practice (10-15min)

B) “Jack Bauer”
     EMOM 24
     Odd: 10 Hang clean thrusters
     Even: 10 Close-grip pushups
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Tuesday’s Workout

     AMRAP 25
     300m Run
     100 Double unders
     18 Overhead squats (95/65)
**See 6/13/14**


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