Points Create the Playing Field

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Monday’s Workout
7 rounds
Max (duration) handstand hold
15 hollow rocks
**Rx+ option – sub handstand push ups for handstand holds

… and coming Tuesday
In 35-minutes, work up to a heavy 5 rep Back Squat
– in this time, comple 3 max rep efforts of deadhang pull ups (RX – BW+35 / BW+10)
Five Rounds for max reps of floor press
In 1 minute, complete:
3 dumbbell burpees
Max reps floor press (45/30)
– rest 1 minute between effortsI started out this weekend totally fired up about the Whole Life Challenge.  Really.  My plan was to go out hard, changing my life completely for 8 weeks.  In writing this I see the folly of this, “changing my life FOR 8 weeks”.  Did this mean that my plan was to go back to my “normal” life at the end of the 8 weeks?  That is not what I preach, nor is it what I believe to be the best approach when taking on the WLC.

Then, yesterday happened… and it slapped me around a bit.  First thing in the morning, I was at a 3-year-old’s birthday party and slipped a blueberry pancake into my mouth without even thinking about it – minus 1 point.  Later in the day, we headed over to a dear friends’ home for dinner.  I decided within the first few minutes of being with them that I was not going to let my need and desire for WLC points get in the way of a nice evening with them and the generoisty and hospitality they extended to us.  After dinner (and desert), I was left with the fact that this day was going to be a ZERO POINT food day – a heck of a way to get started in the first weekend of the WLC.

This is the reality of life.  These are types of choices I’m faced with.  But normally, I don’t see them as choices, rather, I just do what I do, with no real consciousness.  Maybe that’s the benefit of a day like this for me – getting to make a choice consciously, knowing full well the tradeoff, and knowing the commitment I have to be back on track tomorrow.  

Today was a great example for me of how little WLC points really matter, but how important they are for the overall context of the Game… they are, in fact the playing field.  Without the loss of point consequence for making non-compliant WLC food choices, I’d continue to just move through life, oblivious.  




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