Pop-Up Accomplished

I first want to say thank you to all of you that came out this past sunday to our May Day pop-up brunch at fundamental LA that Nina and I put on. It was amazing to see all of you supporting us and eating our food made with love, care, energy and time.

Since meeting Nina we found we both share a passion for food, eating and cooking. It’s been fun to play/practice in the kitchen with her on various types of foods. Over a year ago Nina approached me with this idea of doing a “pop-up” and I thought it sounded cool, but also a little scary. But, after being asked a few more times I said yes. Part of me was just scared of failure, like what if nobody comes? Or can we really produce a product that people like? We know we like our food, but will other people like it as much as we do? Then we had to decide where would this take place? We thought for a bit and remembered that our very own Woogene owns a restaurant that wasn’t open on regularly on Sundays. We approached him with our idea and he happily met with us and informed us of oh so many things. This began the planning and practicing.

There have been many long nights making french toast,  eggs, and more eggs. Sending pictures of breakfast foods and deciding exactly what might be on our menu. Alas we decided on a menu that WE liked and would want to eat.

Last week and weekend was quite a long week for me. I had cataract surgery on Tuesday and can see much clearer now. All the actual food prep started on friday as we had to shop for 100+ people. We went shopping for mas quantities of food, beat eggs like it was our job (oh.. it was at that time) and did the best we could at calculating how many meals would be eaten of a certain dish and tried to shop appropriately. And of course figuring out how to cook a dish that has been multiplied by 4 or 8 times.

It was fun, challenging, emotional and quite satisfying seeing a restaurant full of our friends and family eating and looking happy. I had a blast and am proud of us for making this happen. I’m truly thankful to all of you that supported, encouraged, tasted and tested as we planed and worked our way up to making this a reality. THANK YOU!  Mission accomplished.



Today’s workout

EMOM Vortex
5 Thrusters (65/45)
5 Burpees
5 Power Snatches
5 Toes To Bar

And Coming Friday

50 DU
10 Alt pistols
10 C2B pull ups
10 2×4 Lateral ball slams (14/10)
1  Pivot Reverse
10 2×4 Lateral ball slams



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