Pose Running – Ditch your running shoes?

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The photo below shows two runners with very different running technique. The runner on the right is using his natural gait, since he knows no other way – he’s been running barefoot or in sandals his entire life – his technique looks a lot like Pose running. The runner on the left is running the way most of us run since we’ve grown up wearing running shoes – a modern day invention that actually prevents us from running the way we would otherwise run naturally (“Are running shoes a waste of money?”) What if I were to tell you that with practice of a new, different running technique (Pose), you could:

  • reduce running injuries
  • develop stronger muscles in the foot and lower leg
  • develop a more relaxed, natural and efficient running stride
  • save money on running shoes
  • run faster

would you take the time to learn it, and practice it? If the answer is “yes,”, come to our Pose Running Seminar on May 16th. Here is a video showing the impact that learning the Pose method has had on some world-class triathletes. During the seminar, you will have your running technique videotaped and analyzed, and will learn the techniques you need to practice to put this method to work for you. I HIGHLY recommend it!

Today’s Workout

For time:
200m walking lunges
Run 800m
100m walking lunges
Run 400m
50m walking lunges
800m run



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