POSE running in the NBA?

Today’s Workout

Rope Climb – spend 20-30 minutes working on your rope climb
Advanced – from seated to top and down, arms only – 8-10x
Intermediate – from standing… climb up w/ foot anchor, come down arms only – 6-8x
Beginner – work on anchor and control from bottom to top to bottom – 4-6x

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
5 DB Step-ups (each leg) on 20” Box (30/15)
10 Ring rows
15 Burpees to Hollow JumpImagine having mastered the techniques and mechanics of Pose running so that you could actually use the technique while playing sports like soccer, basketball or football! You could only do this if your running form is so dialed in that you don’t have to think about running… you’re just doing it naturally… while focusing on the sport you’re playing (dribbling, passing, shooting, throwing, kicking, etc). And why would you want to do this? Because of it’s effectiveness, efficiency, and injury preventing mechanics.

Check it out… in this article from ESPN, Dr. Nicholas Romanov, the founder of Pose running, takes a look at the different running styles of Lebron James and Dwayne Wade… and discusses the advantages of Pose running in sports. What are your thoughts? Is it a waste of time for a basketball player to work on his running technique, or is it something you believe could be career enhancing? And does that same thing apply to regular people wo are just recreational runners or athletes?

Sean – lettin’ it rip!

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