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Today’s Workout

As many rounds as possible, in 20 minutes:
500m Row
15 Wall Ball (20/14)
15 Toes to Bar I spent this past week in Portland. I got the keys to my new apartment and the key card to my new job. I decided on the third day to make a huge painting project out of my new place. I went on a date. I made plans with so many of my friends up there. I had exciting things going on all week. A lot of really good things.

And it was in just a tiny moment, a habit acted out in a totally different scenario, that I realized I was going to miss the strangest thing.

We have a practice we follow each week in our Tuesday staff meetings at CFLA. It is called “Positive Focus and Critical Tasks.” Andy brought it home to us years ago from a business course. We each have three minutes and we go around in a circle listing three positive things in our lives from the previous week and three critical tasks we need to accomplish in the upcoming week.

I long ago got in the habit of making notes during the week when something good happened so I would easily remember it for our Tuesday meetings. This past week, I was standing in my new living room, mixing paint or ironing a skirt, I don’t recall which, but something popped into my head and I automatically reached for a pen to write down my “positive focus.” I stopped myself mid-reach. I thought, “I don’t get to do that anymore” and I started to cry.

But, here’s the thing — I can do it. I can do it every week for the rest of my life. What CFLA has taught me — what Andy has taught me — is with me forever. It is with all of us.

For six and a half years Andy has been my coach and my mentor. He has become my brother and one of the best friends I could ever have. I would not be able to make this move, to create my vision for myself, to live so large, if it were not for the presence of Andy in my life.

Andy — whether I write it down in a notebook or not, whether I remember to tell you or write you, know that in my heart every week for the rest of my life, you will always be an indelible positive focus.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I could hear that laugh from Portland.



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