Post Open Training

First, HUGE shout out to John Bonds for killing yet another, “Bondsi-Q!”

After the Open people are often super motivated or slightly burnt (and sometimes oddly both). I’m trusting that our approach this year (fun and light heartedness) has helped keep a broad, long term perspective.

The momentum you can take into the final two weeks of your training going into Test Week can be helpful. Stay mindful of the things you are intentionally working on this cycle and let it rip in two weeks. Get after this week as we have a bit of a recovery week next week.

Monday’s Workout

“Franklin Hill 1, 2, 3”

3 Rounds for total time
50m Sprint (1st to 2nd light)
100m Sprint (1st to 3rd light)
150m Sprint (1st to 4th light)
–All intervals start on the 3:00–

And Coming Tuesday

     2k Row @ 26-30s/min
 –2min Rest between rounds–

     15 Sit to stands
     15 Kipping ring dips

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