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Did you hear that Power Supply is now taking orders for CFLA to deliver tasty, prepared meals?! You’ve probably seen the fancy new refrigerator in the Tall Room to house orders. 

Read Power Supply’s welcome post to us HERE, which explains the program in depth, but below are some basics:

Ordering basics

  • Portion sizes – Choose between Boost or Standard. Most are happy with Standard, but the calorie-concious go with Boost.
  • Lunches, dinners or both – We focus lunches a little more on easy eating during the day and dinners tend a bit more sit-down oriented. But you can choose from either lunches or dinner if you opt to customize your order with our Mod Your Menu tool.
  • 3 or 5 days a week – 3 day plans get one delivery on Mondays. 5 day plans get two deliveries: three meals on Mondays and the remaining two on Thursdays. 
  • Order deadline – Each Thursday at midnight in order to receive meals the following week.

First-time customers get one free meal with the first order! Check out the post for more details.

We’re excited to have them as a new service for our members. #Yum


Wednesday’s Workout
Recovery Practice
A) FQ at ≤70 RPE

   1000m Row

B) Toes to bar skill practice

C) EMOM 10 at ≤70 RPE
Odd: 10 Jerks (40%)
Even: 5 Bar muscleups

And Coming Thursday
Recovery Practice

A) Squat snatch
5 x 3 Working up as heavy as quality allows

B) 5 RFQ (:30:30) at ≤70 RPE
Double unders
Wallballs to 10’



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