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Monica did the Fight Gone Bad this past weekend – and for the first time, did the Class B weights! You can see the speed and intensity with which she has extended her hips. This is the type of explosive, violent movement that it takes to move a heavy object up to shoulder height efficiently (most of her power is coming from her legs, glutes and hips, NOT her arms). Way to go Monica!


Today’s Workout

5 rounds
Shoulder Press – max reps w/ 50% of bodyweight
Pull Ups – max reps
Score is your total number of reps.

Give yourself 2 1/2 minutes to complete your first set plus whatever rest you need. At the 2 1/2 minute point, start the next movement max reps set. Continue this way, starting a set every 2 1/2 minutes until you have completed 5 rounds.



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