Power of Positive Thinking

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I ran in the Marine Corps Marathon yesterday. At no point during the first 12 miles did I think I needed any encouragement, I felt great – pose running, light on my feet, asesome! But then I hit mile 13… things started to unravel. Every step became difficult, and the bottoms of my feet felt like someone had been whacking them hundreds of times with a stick. By mile 20, I thought I might quit… I started calculating mentally how long it would take me if I just walked the last 6 miles. I must have been passed by hundreds (and maybe thousands) of people as I walked every mile at the water stops.

But with the help of the 29,999 other people running and the thousands along the sideline, I didn’t quit. Watching the other runners, I kept saying to myself, “If they can do this, so can you… now keep running!” And I did, for the most part. With a finishing time of 4 hours and 30 minutes, I didn’t exactly set the world on fire, but I did prove to myself that thinking and believing has as much to do with finishing as physical training or ability. Anyone else have a similar experience they’d like to share?

Jenna goes hard on a CrossFit run

Today’s Workout
2,000m row
8 min rest
1,000m row
4 min rest
500m row



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