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Guest blog by Coach Benet Heames

I came across an interesting chapter in Resilience, by Eric Greitens, that focuses on the act of practice. This is a term we are familiar with from our daily lives, but I never gave thought to learning how to actually practice practice. This is critically important at CFLA given that 60% of our programming centers on Practice days.

Consider the following from his book:

“When most people practice, they think of themselves as practicing how to do something. What if, instead, you think of yourself as learning how to practice something? If you learn how to do something – change a tire, prepare a canvas, develop a photograph, pour concrete – then you’ve learned how to do one thing. If you learn how to practice, then you have learned how to learn anything…And perhaps the greatest skill we can learn is the skill of practice itself.”

On your next practice day, don’t think about the specific skill that you are learning or working on. Rather, think about the discipline of practice from the entire process of packing your bag, driving to gym, loading your bar, and moving! The more things in life that you recognize can be practiced, the more resilient you will become.

Wednesday’s Workout
Competition Day

3 Rounds DT* (135/95)
1 Round Cindy**
2 Rounds DT
2 Rounds Cindy
1 Round DT
3 Rounds Cindy
–Courtesy of the CrossFit community / Goldsobel’s suggestion–

12 Deadlifts
9 Hang power cleans
6 Power jerks

5 Kipping pullups
10 Pushups
15 Squats

Thursday’s Workout

3-5 Rounds
Multiple depth jumps (Low to high)
–Go only as high as appropriate for safety and quality–

5 1-arm DB Deadlifts (27% BW / 18% BW)
5 1-arm DB Hang squat snatches
–Unbroken rounds–
–Switch arms after each minute–

200m Run
10 Handstand pushups



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