Practice Gratitude

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Today’s Workout

Enjoy the day with your family / friends.
Practice gratitude.
Take a run, ride a bike, play.As we go through our normal days, most of us, caught up in the hubbub of work/family/events and the daily grind, don’t take the time to stop for a moment to think about how we are grateful for the people in our lives. I’d like to throw it out there for today, Thanksgiving. Give it a shot. For every person you see and/or interact with, take a moment to consider how and why you are grateful for their presence in your life. If you really want to play big… don’t just think about it to yourself… share it with them… tell them. Practice gratitude – live and in person.

To each and every one of you… Thank you… for your continued presence in my life… were it not for you, our community, my life would be missing a huge piece. You make insanely hard workouts tolerable and even fun, you make stretching and mobility something I look forward to, you make getting out of bed at 4:45 am twice a week something that I ‘enjoy’, you help to keep me moving in the right direction simply by showing up, you bring a realness and a sense of purpose to my life, and you hold me accountable to a standard way above and beyond what it would be without your presence. For this, I am grateful. Happy Thanksgiving.

Jump for Joy – it’s Thanksgiving!



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