Practice Makes Perfect in YOUR Life

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A) EMOM 10
O: 4 DB Squat Clean & Jerks (55/40)
E: 6 Chin-ups (weighted or assisted)

B) 5 Rounds for quality (RFQ)
300m Run
15 Ring Dips / Dips
7 Evil Wheels


5 Rounds for time (RFT)
20 Burpees
10 Thrusters (95/65)
50 DU’sI have no idea what will happen in tonight’s NCAA Finals… but in some ways it doesn’t even matter. What happened Saturday night to end the Kentucky / Wisconsin game was the shot of the tournament… probably the shot of a lifetime for Aaron Harrison… a 3-pointer, practically at the buzzer, to lift the Wildcats over the Badgers.

It’s the dream… the one we’ve all had, or at least thought about… What would we do? If it came down to making one last shot, down by one point and only 2 seconds left on the clock, would we make it? Or up to bat in the final game of the World Series, bases loaded, 2 outs, full count… would we have what it takes to bring in a run… or as the pitcher, to throw the last strike? Or in an audition or performance, do we have what it takes to make the one that counts, in front of the people that matter, our best ever?

It’s no secret how to get there… just ask the people who have done it… the Keri Struggs, Michael Jordans, Reggie Jacksons, and yes, the Aaron Harrisons… practice… thousands of hours. So that the incredibleness in those moments of glory are really nothing more than something that’s been practiced thousands of times and is so incredibly routine that it almost just happens by itself, without ‘trying’ (or at least it looks that way). Something that our nervous systems know so well that it’s as routine as lifting a drink to our mouths.

Most of us won’t have the opportunity in our lives to be in those kinds of pressure packed, everything-on-the-line life situations that happen in sports or performance…

But something to consider for your life… The actions you take every single day – the ones that don’t seem like practice for anything… how you spend your time, schedule your day, eat your meals, look at the half full (or half empty) glass, how you speak to your wife and kids, how you speak to yourself about yourself… THIS is also practice… and is giving you fluency and skill… at being the way you are.

So if there is something about the way your life looks that you don’t like… and it doesn’t seem like there is anything you’re doing to cause it being that way… know that you have the skill, and have logged the thousands of hours of practice required for it to look exactly the way that it does. You’re IN the flow of your life. From in it, it’s almost impossible to get perspective… but the chances are, you have everything to do with it looking exactly the way it does.

Just like Aaron Harrison had everything to do with that shot looking as effortless as it did, and sinking it… at the buzzer.

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