Practice, Practice, Practice

Wall Ball. Doesn’t sound like much… until you’ve experienced “Karen” (150 wall ball shots for time with a 20 pound medicine ball (or 12 pound for women.) Think add speed and power to a normal squat to launch a ball 10′ in the air to an “X” on the wall. One of the best ways to improve your wall ball form is to make sure that when you catch the ball right under your chin, and keep it there as you drop into your squat and come back up for the next throw. Efficiency, accuracy and technique all come as a result of practice, not just training… one of the many differences between CrossFit and the rest of the fitness world.

Andrew & Jane mid wall ball

Today’s Workout
For time:
Run 400m
40 Pull Ups
40 Dips
Run 400m
30 Pull Ups
30 Dips
Run 400m
20 Pull Ups
20 Dips
Run 400m
10 Pull Ups
10 Dips

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