Practice, Practice, Practice

How much do you practice the things that you really want to be good at? For at least the last year Cheri has been determined to improve her snatch. This has not been something that she has just thought about, wished for, or dreamed of. She has worked at it. She spends time before or after class chipping away at it. She does skill work outside of class time and routinely asks for help and evaluation. Up until yesterday, a 90# snatch has eluded her, not by a little, but by 15#! Well she came in, worked on it, and by the end she not only got it, she got it good. Do the math – that’s 20%! What would a 20% improvement look like in your goals? What are you willing to do to get it?

NOTICE: if you are participating (running or cheering!) in the 10k on Sunday make sure to get your CFLA temporary tattoos at the gym before Sunday to wear during the race!

Today’s Workout
3 rounds for time of
15 Power Cleans (135/95)
15 pull ups
400m run

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