Practicing the Art of Extreme Self Care

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I recently finished a book about self care. Not simply self care, but EXTREME self care. 

When I think of self care in general terms, I think of stealing time for myself  — for anything. I think most busy people — parents especially — know this feeling. In fact, I spoke to a mom of two young boys who recently spent two hours wandering the aisles of Target with a cup of coffee. She bought nothing. She just enjoyed casually looking at things without having to so fiercely attend to children in public. The context of shopping with children is like constantly anticipating a fire alarm going off — whether they behave in the store or not. You’re on high alert, man!

So, my idea of self care was one of “stealing” time or luxuriously shoving a mani/pedi into my schedule  — or if the planets aligned and the goddesses smiled down on me, a massage. A glorious massage. But in this book, the author suggests the concept of enjoying something nice for ourselves or caring for ourselves in a myriad of ways should not induce guilt, but is absolutely necessary for our own sanity and happiness. It’s essential, not a luxury. 

In my younger days I was a workaholic and this concept would have been a difficult one to grasp. I worked in an industry full of ulcers and martyrdom, and whoever worked the hardest and did the least for themselves got to complain about it the most. I realized a long time ago that this is no way to live. 

The book also explains that self care is not just about scheduling pretty nails and finding someone to rub my feet. Here comes the extreme part: It’s about doing things that are not always comfortable that ultimately contribute to a higher quality of life. Saying NO more often, not overextending yourself simply because someone asks you to, drawing solid boundaries, doing things out of genuine interest or joy and not obligation. I learned many years ago that working more hours and overtime and taking on other people’s work only got me more hours, more overtime, and other people’s work. The payoff was never worth the stress and work. 

I challenge you to explore the below questions and put into practice more Extreme Self Care (#ESC):

1. What do you need more of right now?
2. What do you need less of?
3. How often do you do things out of obligation?
4. Do you hate to disappoint others?
5. What’s one thing you could do to feel less overwhelmed?
6. What have you tolerated for too long?
7. Who or what in your life zaps your energy, causes you anxiety, or makes you feel on guard?
8. Is there secretly something you’d love to do — big, medium, or small — even if it seems strange to those around you?
9. Are you happy? What makes you happy?


Tuesday’s Workout

“Franklin Hill 100’s”
4 Rounds on the 9:00
4 x 100m on the :90
**See 3/10/15**

And Coming Wednesday
Recovery Practice

A) Toes to bar skill practice

B) EMOM 30 at ≤70 RPE
1st Min: 10-15 Arch rocks
2nd Min: 5-10 Thrusters (40%)
3rd Min: 10-15 Hollow rocks
4th Min: 5-10 Kipping CTB pullups
5th Min: 10-15 Situps
6th Min: 5-10 Burpees
**30sec Cap each minute**



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