Practicing Kindness to Ourselves


A) 3×5 front squats
3×5 push press

B) 5 Rounds for time of:
Partner 1:
200m run

Partner 2:
10 Thrusters (45/33)
As many Burpees as possible until partner returns from run

One round is complete when each partner completes a 200m run
Score is total Burpees


Thrusters (95/65)
– 10 minute time capI just read a beautiful commencement address by George Saunders and published in the NY Times about the importance of kindness in life. It’s a beautifully written essay filled with great advice about the importance starting right away – getting practice being kind to others.

Well I started thinking… there’s a place to start practicing being kind that has nothing at all to do with others. It’s really a first, a baby step. One that gives you the ability to experience the impact of your own kindness, first hand. And by taking on this ‘kindness practice on a regular basis, gives you a level of experience with kindness that when your kind to others, it really comes through as authentic because you’re walking your talk.

What is this practice I’m referring to? Being kind to yourself.

Think about it for a moment… do you ever really let yourself off the hook? Are you kind to yourself when you don’t meet your own expectations?

My hunch is that no, that very much like me, you’re not practicing kindness with yourself at all. You’re a habitual self-judger. So here’s something for you to try on today, tomorrow and Sunday. As things come up that have you using or thinking the phrase “I should have…,” try instead practicing acceptance. You didn’t. And… it’s OK. If you were kind to yourself, what would you be saying about your day, your last workout, your last business deal, your last interaction with your kids? Were you good enough? Yup… you were. How do I know? Because if you could have been any better than you were, you would have been.

"Beach Day" farmer's carry. Great photo by Shirley. #funweek #farmerscarry
What kind of wacky farmer’s walk is that?

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