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Today’s Workout
“You vs. Your Partner”

2 Rounds:
Partner A – 500m row
Partner B – Max squats during Partner A’s row

-rest 1 min-

Partner A – Max anchored sit ups during Partner B’s run
Partner B – 400m run

-rest 1 min-

Partner A – 250m row
Partner B – Max push ups during Partner A’s row

-rest 1 min-

Partner A – Max pull ups during Partner B’s run
Partner B – 200m run

-rest 1 min-

– In round 2, Partner A becomes Partner B, and Partner B becomes Partner A
– Your score is the total number of squats, sit ups, push ups, and pull ups you perform
– Your goal is to BEAT YOUR PARTNER: the faster you row and run, the lower your partner’s score.I was talking to Logan about a pre-game ritual he had at one point in his life — he at a Snicker’s Bar before every game. It became something that would have an effect on the game, whether it made sense or not. I’ve heard of lots of seemingly crazy rituals that professional athlete engage in that don’t have a “logical” connection to performance, but they say makes all the difference – sleeping in their opponents uniform the night before the game, dunking their hockey stick in the toilet, eating chicken before each game, kissing a teammates bald head. Check out the video below to see how one Jacksonville Jaguars player gets ready.

Do you have any pre-game ritual that sets the tone for your performance?



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