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Today’s Workout

Find your 1 Rep Max SnatchI was in Peet’s early Saturday morning getting a large cup of coffe. I hadn’t eaten breakfast and realized that it was going to be noon until I had a chance to have a meal. All of a sudden, every item in the baked-goods display looked delectable. Ordinarily I don’t even look at the plethora of diabesity inducing sugar-pills behind the glass. But this morning, not only did everything look good, the cinnamon rolls, covered in glazed sugar, were irresistible. Gone were all the reasons that I know NOT to eat foods that are sugar (bread) laced with sugar. All I could think about was how good that cinnamon roll was going to taste going down. And it did.

The simplest way for me to prevent this… prepare! This means looking at my calendar for the week, identifying, in advance, the meals that I won’t have time to eat, and to make a plan for food for those days. Could be as simple as putting a few Lara Bars in my bag to hold me over – that would definitely be better than a sugar-covered donut.

What are some of the ways you plan ahead? What sort of healthy snacks or meals do you prepare? What is your strategy?




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