Prepare? I’d rather die!

That’s a little dramatic, don’t you think, AP? Well, when I look, objectively, at the engrained habits I’ve got around food in relation ONLY to being prepared to eat the foot that will support my continued well being over my life, my habits would tell you that I really don’t care… I’d rather scrounge for what I can find that moment than actually create a plan!

Don’t get me wrong… I love to EAT good food… when it’s already in my refrigerator and sitting there waiting for me to dish out, when someone serves it to me in a restaurant, when I swing by Whole Foods and pick something up, last minute, out of the deli case or salad bar, and yes, even when I have to cook it for myself at home (if the food is already sitting there waiting to be cooked). But actually thinking about and creating a plan for a one meal, a day, or longer – like a week? My actions would say that I would rather sit in a room for 30 minutes with ten people running their nails down the chalkboard.

Can anyone else out there reading this blog relate, or am I alone in this? And have any of you who have had an issue like this gotten past it? How? What steps did you take? What actual things do you do every day to make sure you’re prepared, especially for snacks and lunch?

I know… this is a strange blog post for me – usually I’m offering up answers. But this time I’m asking for your help… not because I know the answer and want to see if you do too, rather, because I know that I don’t have the answer… I mean I know, logically, what to do, but I’ve know that for years. I’m hoping to learn about what you do so that maybe I can adopt a similar strategy.

A wise man once told me that the first step in changing behavior is to take one tiny step forward in the direction that I want to go… so tiny that I hardly notice that I’ve made a move in that direction. What would that be?

Tuesday’s Workout

FT (For Time)
800m Row
60 TTB
400m Sandbag front carry (100/70)

And Coming Wednesday
recovery: practice

A) 20 Front squats (+2%)

B) Kipping pull-up skill practice

C) AMRAP 12 at <7.5 RPE
300m Run
12 Alt DB Snatches (40/25)
24 DB Russian twists 

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