Today’s Skill
The Jerk

Today’s Workout
Obstacle Course:
Jump up and off a series of boxes
5 squats
Climb up boxes and swing off rope
5 burpees
Crawl through hula hoop tunnel
5 push ups
Walking lunges w/ hooverball overhead
5 medicine ball jerks

Today’s Game
Clean the YardWhat does it mean when someone has “presence”? What does that make you picture? When I think of presence, I think of stature, both on a physical and intellectual level. Someone who had presence stands up tall, holds their shoulders back, and keeps their chin up high. Someone who has stature also has a sense of confidence and knowledge. In CFLA Kids we aim to impart all these qualities on the children we work with, both in the literal sense of good posture, and in the bigger sense of being confident strong human beings that go out into the world. I can see as our kids gain knowledge about CrossFit, that their confidence grows and I love the idea of them taking that confidence and presence out into the world!

Keala stands up tall!



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