Prioritizing Your Goals

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At the beginning of last year, I sat down for a solid hour and set up a list of goals using the following method:

    • Short-Term (0-3 months)
    • Mid-Term (3-6 months)
    • Long-Term (6-12 months)

I used this method in order to lay out the year in how I can “roadmap” my way to victorious achievements of these goals.

I am pleased to say that I accomplished over 50% of what I set out to do in 2015, which includes completion of the New Year Whole Life Challenge, beginning as a coach at wonderful Crossfit LA, and starting to gain exposure as a songwriter and musician in the LA scene. 

I bring this up as this weeks’ Whole Life Challenge Lifestyle component is setting and prioritizing action items, and getting sh*t done! 

It’s amazing how effective and beneficial writing down your visions and daily activities truly is, as it can provide a method of accountability, and a way for you to stay on track, and schedule your days, weeks and even months in a responsible and organized fashion. 

Our lives are BUSY, filled with working towards that paycheck, relationships, social activities, and keeping healthy and active.  Taking a step back, and looking with a view from above will help you to decide what takes precedence in your life, and will give you a sense of calmness and security that you are in fact working towards personal development. 

Wednesday’s Workout:

A) FQT @ 22-24s/m
5k Row
–30min Cap–

5 Squat cleans (50-55%)
10 Strict ring dips
150m Run

And Coming Thursday:

Bench presses

B) Handstand walk fiesta

C) 4 RFQR on the 3:00
10 Strict pullups
Max Sit to stands
–2min Cap each round



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