Today’s Workout

Max Effort Box Squat

Bottom-to-Bottom Tabata Squats (Prisoner)
Finish with 400m run
– score is total reps of squat + 400m run timeThe other day, I overheard someone complaining about all of their problems – their life would be so much easier (and they’d be happier) without them all. Aah, the allure of a problem-free life. Doesn’t that sound nice?

But wait a second. Problems are exactly the thing we need to help us grow, make us stronger, more resilient, fulfilled… and ultimately happier. Yes, problems. Think back to your school days – do you think that your parents would have wanted you to attend a school that promised ‘no problems’ for it’s students? Imagine that… no word problems, no diagramming sentences, no research papers, no chemistry lab, no quizzes, no math, no physical education, no homework… why? Well, they present ‘problems’, and we don’t allow problems at this school. Ha!

Problems are the very thing that provide the resistance against which you can lean, dig in, push against, and hurdle forward into a new reality. So why resist? Look for them, take them on with enthusiasm and vigor, and if it’s the name that’s got you down, call them something else, like ‘Opportunities’.

Share with us some of the ‘Opportunities’ that are helping you grow.

Four different ways to solve a problem. What an OPPORTUNITY!

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