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COMPETITION – re-test from Jan 14

1 RM Jerk in 20 min
1 RM Front Squat in 20 min

COMPETITION – re-test from Jan 15

3 Rounds for time:
800m Run
30 DB squat cleans (50/35)
30 BurpeesI coached 3 classes yesterday… nothing out of the ordinary, except it was the first day of re-testing week. It’s one of the 3 weeks each year that we repeat exactly what we did 12 weeks prior… in order to test two specific things – efficacy of OUR programming, and efficacy of YOUR training.

When we sat down at the beginning of 2013 to take a new, fresh look at how we program at CFLA, Kenny and I identified 4 distinct 12-week training cycles that would each target different functional areas (gymnastic, weightlifting, metabolic) of CrossFit. Though it would take over a year to get through all 4 cycles, we thought it would greatly improve our ability to provide quality coaching (focusing on a limited number of movements and going deep with specific skills). We also thought it would enhance our students ability to get their heads, minds and bodies around a limited number of specific movements, with specific movement patterns, requiring specific mobility and strategies… so that they could get closer over that 12-week period to mastery than they would were movements and workouts just left it to chance (as they are most other places).

The programming model we came up with was more than just breaking CrossFit into components. Kenny took the reins in developing the “how” of the system… bringing in physical, mental, emotional components, practice, competition, and mental toughness days. He lead us down a new path with a new & fresh approach to effective functional training inside of our class time of 60 minutes with new drills and many more components, stretching the limits and boundaries of both coaches and students.

One of the most important parts of Kenny’s new programming model was the frequency of practice days… in effect, re-contextualized CrossFit… emphasizing practice in classes (over keeping score, racing the clock, and pushing the limits), responsibility for form, and accountability for learning and growth.

The difference has been pretty amazing… and in alignment with the vision we had 15 months ago… how do I know? I see improved coaching methods and attention to detail in classes… and I see a student body that is knowledgable, strong, experienced and practiced (a remarkable difference from student bodies at other CrossFit Boxes – but that is the subject of another post).
What was so special about coaching 3 classes today? Nothing really, except for the fact that every single person, in every single class who had recorded a score for “Amanda” (the workout 12 weeks ago), improved significantly in either weight or time). Every Person! WELL DONE!

And the big takeaway? It’s simple… you’re in the hands of the best programming and best coaching staff in the world at CFLA. The only thing required… show up… we got ‘cha!

Gotta always cheer. Amazing photos by our friend Michael Maina. See more of his work at @ride_with_core
Coach Kenny leading the charge!

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