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This is a very personal post to me. Since I know so many people who read this I don’t feel bad about sharing…. Quite honestly, I’m really proud to share.

A little over two years ago I had the audacity to tell Andy that this system we’re doing will be transferable to others, no matter what city, no matter what pedigree. “This stuff works everywhere” I told him. Kelley Rakow (I believe at the time was convinced to attend by her husband Steve) from CrossFit Ocean City, and Jennika Gordon, from CrossFit Westside, were the first to take the plunge. They came, learned and went home with a bunch of homework to do. Again, I had the moxie to say that the people we work with will not only have the most successful boxes but also the best trained athletes. It’s how I ran martial arts schools and, to me, this would be no exception. To me, having a great business and training great athletes aren’t mutually exclusive, they’re necessary compliments.

Jump forward two years.

200 affiliates have been trained and, more importantly, thousands of lives have been transformed, because those affiliate owners really stepped up their game. They let their passion spill into their businesses and infect their clients. They had the courage to share part of themselves with (then) strangers they now call friends and teammates. It didn’t really hit me JUST how successful those affiliates have become until Jennifer Lawrence, from CrossFit Northwest Tucson, had 3 athletes come in the top two positions (1st and 2nd for men and 1st for women) at the AZ/SD sectional, or is it the SD/AZ Sectional…? She did this AND had a PR month for business as well!

So, here’s a small list of affiliates who really live their CrossFit… and it shows… they have an amazing business and their athletes are moving on to the next round of competition. Cheers.

CrossFit Scottsdale
Lalanne Fitness
CrossFit Chicago
CrossFit LA
CrossFit Surf City

Post thoughts to comments. If you should have been recognized as an affiliate we’ve trained (or if you’ve purchased our Raise your Game! materials) and are not listed, I apologize. Please post your results here, make sure to have your affiliate name, and I’ll create a second post.

Enjoy this clip of Tony Robbins. It’s 6:53 minutes in length and worth it.



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