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Today’s Workout

Max Effort Box Squat
8 rounds, for time:
8 Burpees
8 Overhead Walking Lunges (45/25)Some of you may know about our office tradition of “public bacon.” It started when someone on the CFLA staff discovered the bacon on the Whole Foods food bar. Personally I have had the experience of accidentally creating a fourteen dollar salad at Whole Foods more than once. Bacon, however, weighs very little and they make big piles of it to put out on the food bar every morning.

Thus big boxes of fresh, crispy, cheap bacon occasionally appear in the CFLA office for everyone on staff to share. Before long it was dubbed “public bacon.”

Why am I sharing this? Because it’s a small, funny example of the ingenuity and generosity of the people I have worked with for the last few years. Really their impact on me goes far deeper. They haven’t just been my coworkers, but my friends and my family. They have been the people I go to in times of need and the people with whom I have shared both innumerable laughs and plentiful tears.

I don’t know another group of people so intent on self improvement and growth, not just physical, but emotional and intellectual. They are entrepreneurs, athletes, geeks and teammates. They are feisty. They are thoughtful. They are warriors and philosophers. They are my brothers and sisters. We bicker as such and come out the other side loving each other even more. They are an inspiration to me — each and every one of them, in their own way.

I will miss them all dearly.

…but especially the bacon.

Oct 2007 – The day Stanwyck nearly killed me with a split jerk.



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