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Today’s Workout

“The Gauntlet” from the HI Sectionals
Complete the following within 30 minutes.
“Jackie” must be complete first, followed by “Karabel”, then “Cindy”.
Scoring (different than HI) – your score is the total number of “Karabel” + “Cindy” rounds.

1000m Row
50 Thrusters (45/33)
30 Pull-ups

10 rounds of:
3 Snatches (power, squat or split) (135/83)
15 Wall Ball (20/14)

5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 squats

1. You may scale the weight in the Karabel any way you want to to make it a “doable” workout for you.
2. Start “Cindy” at the 25 minute point. If you’ve been following the Main Site WODs lately, you’d have noticed a significant increase in the difficulty of workouts. Why? It’s above (even WAY above) the level of many current CrossFitters. Does it seem ridiculous? Well, back when I started CrossFit in 2004, ALL of the workouts seemed ridiculous to me… in fact, pretty much impossible. I was scoring times like 12:00 on “Fran” with 75 pounds, 35 minutes for “Linda” (just glad to have finished at all), 12 minutes on “Helen” and a score of 230 for Fight Gone Bad. Many of the workouts that involved cleans and snatches I couldn’t do at all (to this day, I’ve never completed “Isabel” – 30 Snatches with 135 pounds). This was exciting to me – it gave me things to work toward that I couldn’t do, knowing that the workouts were written for elite athletes… elite CrossFitters. I wanted desperately to be part of that “club”.

Well, since that time, things have changed dramatically! I’ve gotten faster at everything, but more importantly, so has our CrossFit community… it’s grown in size, fitness level and athletic competence. And to keep us all challenged, striving for the top and pushing ourselves to the edge of our limits, the Main Site WODs have to get more difficult. WE are responsible for this increase in difficulty of the main site WODs. Together, we are redefining the word “impossible.”

Lauren – pretty good overhead squat for a brand new CrossFitter!



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