Pushing Through

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Today’s Workout

Clean & Jerk
1-1-1-1-1There comes a moment when you decide how the rest of this is going to go. There is a deciding moment. You pick up the dumbbells and decide if they feel too heavy or not. You come in from the run and decide to start right in on the squats or not. There comes a moment where you tell yourself you can do this…or you tell yourself you can not.

This is the part of CrossFit that sucks. This is the part we all try to avoid. Some of us do not show up. Some of us find reasons to under-perform. Some of us try to distract the coach in the hopes that somehow, just this one time, we can distract them into forgetting to hit the start button for the whole hour.

But for those of you in the room, for those of you who braved the drive from home to gym, who got off the couch, who left your work at work, who made it here to your second home, you have decided to face the decision. You are going to face that moment, come what may. You might decide in that moment that CrossFit is silly and pointless. You might decide you are never coming back. You might decide you are going to tell the coach exactly what you think of them.

But, you push through.

You finish it. You do it. You put down the weights. You stop running. You realize, you did it.
You showed up and faced the little voice, the big voice, the unending voice. You listened to it, or not.

But, you pushed through.

Clayton pushes through.



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