Put Your Head Down And GO!!!

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As you know, we are in retest week, and there are gonna be some killer WODs presented to you by CFLA.  My context intro for yesterday’s barbell complex WOD was simple, “Put your head down, and move forward.”  I explained that weight selection on the barbell may be heavy, and out of the students comfort zone, but that the workout was going to be quick, with a few minutes of pain, for a lot of glory.

I myself had some fear going into the workout, as I knew completing the heavy sets of front squats was going to be tough, but I was confident I could move the bar, and was pleased with the result.  I put my head down, screamed, and just moved forward, rep after rep, until those few minutes were up. 

I couldn’t have been more proud to watch my students barrel through heavy front squats and deadlifts, embracing the suck on their way to glory. 

Way to go team, way to go!

Wednesday’s Workout:


100 Double unders
20 Power snatches (95/65)
30 Dips
40 Jumping lunges
30 Hand-release pushups
20 Power cleans
100m Sandbag front carry (100/70)

And Coming Thursday:

400m Run
15 Overhead squats (95/65)



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