Putting your life into fitness

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Today’s Workout

20 Back squats, BW / 75% BW
40 Box jumps, 24″/20″
15 Back squats
30 box jumps
10 Back squats
20 Box jumps
5 Back squats
10 Box jumpsI think there are two ways to approach what we do. One is to try to put fitness into your life. Putting fitness into your life is running to the gym in order to “fix” all the problems that result from bad choices you may make – poor sleep, poor nutrition, poor habits. The other approach is to put your life into fitness. Putting your life into fitness is looking at all the choices that you make, how they impact your overall health and well being, and orienting them all in the direction of wellness. Not just working out, but setting goals and doing what it takes to fulfill on them, eating to support your activity, sleeping well, drinking water. Actually creating a whole lifestyle that supports your overall goal of a lifetime of fitness.

You can cram fitness into your life for only so long. After a while it starts to feel like a burden. You don’t see the changes you want and give up on it, only to cycle back when you begin to feel worse, hoping that this time it actually “works.” You end up being dragged around by physical crises and emergencies. Putting your life into fitness is a sustainable approach. Each choice that you make actually supports the success of the other choices that you are making. It puts you in the driver’s seat and let’s you decide where this whole thing called your life is going.

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Who can light the world up with his squat?



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