Putting your life into fitness

Today’s Workout
5 rounds for time of:
10 pullups
10 dips
10 1-arm DB power snatches (45/30)

For advanced athletes who can perform muscle ups, do:
5 rounds for time of
5 muscle ups
10 power snatches (115/75)FIRE!!!! Do you know that many people’s experience of managing their health & fitness is more like putting out forest fires than planting trees?

It looks something like this (see if any of this sounds familiar) — “I ate too much cake at that party, how much time on the treadmill is that?” Or, “I’ve gotten fat — I really need to spend some time at the gym.” The way to deal with health and fitness is to keep it from “burning to the ground” rather than planting something and watching it grow. It’s stressful, it’s reactive, and things never get any better, just less worse.

Can you imagine a model that would keep the trees lush, the soil moist, and the air cool so that conditions for fire couldn’t even EXIST? This a model I call “putting your life into health & fitness.” Let me explain the opposite and I think you’ll get what I mean:

“Putting health & fitness into your life” looks at your life in a finite way. There is a certain amount of time, money, space, etc. for everything, and you have to fit everything in your life — work, family, social life, health & fitness, preparation for future projects, and more — into that finite space. When one thing grows bigger, e.g. more responsibility at work, something else HAS TO shrink. Health & fitness is the least confronting and seemingly “least consequential” thing to put on hold — you can always “put it back in later.”

Now consider “putting your life into health & fitness.” Rather than your life being the space that everything has to fit in, the space is “health & fitness.” You never have to put it back in — it’s always in! Putting your lift into health & fitness makes health & fitness the foundation for ALL THINGS — your activities, how many standing breaks you take at work, if you stretch while you watch TV, what restaurants you go out to, what you feed your kids, etc. In this model the space for health & fitness is INFINITE! It is the background to EVERYTHING. Can you see how in this environment things can grow without limit? No circumstance could come up that could stop your progress! It may move “faster” or “slower” at times but you are always planting.

“Putting health and fitness in” is the default, it’s how we do many things. “Putting your life in” takes practice — it is a commitment.

How do either one of these models represent the current state of things and are you willing to put your life in?? If you’re ready, make your commitment right here!

There’s no end to what we’ll come up with, is there?

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