Puzzle Week

FIRST – It’s Niki’s birthday. Make sure to give her a smack.

Secondly, have fun this week – Cycle 11 Test week is next week and it will be very tough.


Monday’s Workout

“Boggle Partyyyyy”

3 RFR w partner, 1 person at a time
AMRAP 2: Box jumps (24/20)
AMRAP 2: Toes to bar
AMWAP 2: Boggle

And Coming Tuesday

“Mathematical Toughness”

FT w/ partner, 1 person at a time
2min Max reps
Power snatches (60-70% of Strict press)
Math Problem #1
Math Problem #2
[#2 Answer] Power cleans
Math Problem #3
[#3 Answer] Thrusters
After completing the workout, complete one more bonus problem:
Bonus: Math Problem #4


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