Question Everything

Why is it that Lipitor is the most prescribed, most used, and best selling drug EVER? To reduce cholesterol levels in the body, right? And why do that? Because a diet high in saturated fat leads to higher levels of cholesterol which clogs your arteries and leads to heart disease and potentially death, right? So lowering your cholesterol levels will lower the risk of heart disease and keep you alive longer. Where did THOSE ideas come from? What if you were to find out that that idea came about as a result of faulty science, was published, and subsequently became GRAF (generally regarded as fact)? Do drug companies like Pfizer have our best interests and health in mind when they advertise and sell this drug, or are they more interested in profits and the bottom line? What about the doctors that prescribe this medication? Should you be worried about eating a diet high in saturated fat or about the results of your most recent blood test that said your LDLs were too high and HDLs too low?

The following video (thanks, Michael) is an excerpt from a movie called “Fat Head: You’ve been fed a load of bologna“. I haven’t seen the movie yet, however, if it’s anything like this excerpt, I can’t wait!

Today’s Workout

Overhead Squats 15-15-15-15

Coaches Notes:
– On each attempt, load the bar with as much weight as you think you can do 15 times.
– The gold standard is bodyweight!

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