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Last week I was away for a little Rest, Relaxation and Recovery and it was just wonderful. I’m very grateful that I could take a little time away even though I truly love CFLA and all of you.  A couple of years back I was at a seminar where we mapped out different pieces of our life and what is looked like. My work was present, my health was in pretty good standing, my relationships were and are slowly being worked on, social life was good, but there was hole when looking at vacation/time away. I am pretty darn good about making time for what I love like fitness, my dog Ginger, cooking and taking  the occasional trip home to visit family, but dedicated time away just for me wasn’t there.

After this realization I had a conversation with a very dear friend of mine who I asked to help me out. She was currently living in Nicaragua and suggested I come visit her. So I decided to take the little money I had saved from the holidays and use it towards my vacation.  At that point my friend had become my vacation accountability partner. So, for the past two years I have taken a “real” vacation and couldn’t be more happy about it.

Many of you ask about making progress in the gym and some of it has to do with what you do in the gym.  But, A LOT of it has to do with whats happening when you aren’t in the gym.  If you’ve asked me about this before one of my first questions to you is: How much sleep are you getting?  Then, what are you eating and how often?  Now lets talk about the mental, do you take time for you meditation, reading, relaxation? All of these fit into how we make progress and how life flows.

Rest: During my time away from the gym rest was on point. When I talk about rest I’m truly referring to sleep. Most nights on vacation I got over 8 hours of sleep, which feels wonderful. I went to be pretty early and didn’t set an alarm (well, except the two days we wanted to catch the sunrise). When I’m at home I shoot for 7 which doesn’t always happen. But its key to feeling refreshed and aware. It also give your body time to heal.

Relaxation: That’s the easy party for me, well at least on vacation.   I hiked, snorkeled, journaled, read and freed my mind from emails, cell phone and busy work. And got to be out in nature.  I challenge you to look at what you do for your mind regarding relaxtion. It’s a key piece to separate yourself from work and all it’s business, maybe get away for a walk, breath for 10 minutes or meditate for a bit.

Recovery:  During vacation I worked a little on recovery, but not too much.  What I didn’t do was CrossFit, which was totally ok by me. I had a thought that I would go in and visit the local one, but I didn’t make time for it. I did hydrate with water and other tasty beverages. I did stretch and mobilize (another key part of recovery). And for being on vacation I feel my nutrition was pretty darn good. We cooked in and made sure to eat green things.

Take a look at your training, then take a look and see if you are getting all the R & R & R you need.



Thursday’s Workout:

4 Muscle ups
8 Box Jumps (32/24)
16 KBS (32/24)

And Coming Friday

A) Air Squat Rally
Focus on external rotation with active feet

B) 3 RFT on the 4:00
200m Run
12 Pushups
12 DB Renegade rows (35/20)
–3min Cap each round–

C) FQL, working up across sets
Overhead squats



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