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When’s the last time you took more than a couple of days off of training in a row on purpose, and actually let yourself enjoy it? I’m not talking about taking a few days off and feeling guilty that you’re not training! I mean taking time off and putting the same sense of purpose and commitment that you do with your workouts into your time off… eating well, sleeping, getting massages, drinking lots of water, stretching… really taking care of your body. If it’s been more than a year – I would suggest that it’s time. Remember that your body builds and grows when you’re NOT training… you might be surprised by the result of some good, old-fashioned R&R. By the way, I’m 20 days in to 30 days in a row of rest (no training)… so far so good… body is going through many stages of recovery. Looking forward to getting back to it!

This isn’t quite the type of R&R I was talking about. Fader, post workout!

Today’s Workout

Push Jerk – 3-3-3-3
:20 on/ :20 off L-sits x 8
:20 on/ :20 off Handstand Hold x8



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