Raise Your Game

This entry is sort of a continuation of what I posted last week regarding being invested in your success.

We’ve found that the best business system in the world is completely useless without a core product that stands head and shoulders above the rest. The affiliates who have been through our program and here at CFLA we are constantly checking and evaluating our coaches. One of the things we found really helpful is to bring in coaches, some formally but most informally, who are masters at CrossFit into our box and share ideas. Recently we had the pleasure of having Dutch visit and share some of his programming ideas and all I could say is that he helped me, personally, raise my game.

Dutch is teaching a seminar on improving your coaching and I think it’s great for our CrossFit community. Here’s a link: http://crossfitatm.com/blog/training-seminar/

If you don’t know who Dutch is here is a video of him doing a WOD.

Make a list of several things that you can do to improve your coaches abilities.

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