Ramp Up, Slowly…

A few months ago, I wrote a post about how I fell into a “mental funk” because I was injured, and not moving my body.  Well, after several weeks of physical therapy on my shoulder, I was ready to jump back into the mix at CFLA, and boy did I jump in head first!

Sometimes us Crossfitters feel that we are invincible.  It may be ego driven, or we just feel that way because we perform mentally and physically challenging tasks several days a week.  We continually push our limits in various capacities, to find out just how far we can go. 

During my time in rehab, I started to perform overhead movements with dumbbells and kettle bells, and I was feeling great.  So after several sessions, I decided that it was time to get back on the barbell, just to see how things felt.  Guess what, they felt great, so I pushed myself to go harder and heavier, and couldn’t wait to test out the shoulder in class WODs. 

The only problem was that I had taken off so much time, that I wasn’t fully prepared to handle the kind of volume and strenuous activity that is associated with high-intensity Crossfit workouts.    In one particular recent WOD, I thought to myself, if I can C&J a barbell, I can certainly climb a rope five times.  I had not performed a rope climb in several months, but my “invincible” self told me I would have no problem doing it.  The end result, some tendonitis in the forearm, very painful. 

I had become so eager and driven to get back to the competition, that I forgot about the state my body was in, a state of not being physically prepared for what I was throwing at it.  During my intro sessions when I review fitness and Crossfit with potential clients, I describe fitness as “General Physical Preparedness”.  This concept grabs the attention of those who want to be physically and mentally fit for the range of easy to difficult tasks. 

My point is that I forgot about the practice, the mobility, the warming up, and jumped right into the face of competition.  I should have been more diligent about preparing for the movements, in order to get my body ready for the “fight”. 

Physical fitness should not be considered a race, but instead a lifelong conversation with oneself, your coaches and community, in order to experience the journey that takes us through progress, and into a realm of glory and achievement.  Life is about the experience, not the end result!

I’d like to thank the rope climb, for once again humbling me, and for helping me put more thought into my physical and mental actions and output. 

Wednesday’s Workout

  1. A) AMRAP 10

10 DB Renegade rows (35/20)

20 Air squats

30 DB Russian twists

  1. B) FQL, working up across sets


Overhead squats

And Coming Thursday

  1. A) Pushup Rager

Focus on shoulder loading


  1. B) AMRAP 12

200m Run

24 RKBS (24/20)


  1. C) FQL

In 20 min, work up to heavy

3 Position clean (low to high)


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